Wednesday, November 26, 2008

cheese formula for mousehunt

I'd been playing this game for a long time. and here are some of tips from my research for creating special kinds of cheese to attract variety of mice. enjoy!

White Cheddar

Formula: 1 Salt + 1 Curds and Whey

This cheese is rather poor at attracting mice. However it seems that its unique scent drives away the white, grey and brown breeds of mice.


Formula: Unknown

This cheese is the result of the careful art of fusing a seemingly infinite quantity of flavours into a single cube of cheese. This decadent bait seems to be the only cheese capable of breaking the will power of the Masters of Cheese Belt.


Formula: Unknown

Considered somewhat of an acquired taste, Susheese is the traditional meal of the school of the Cheese Fang. The combination of delicious brie and fish fresh out of the Burroughs River seems to be the only bait that will attract the Masters of the Cheese Fang.


Formula: Unknown

This cheese is specially prepared swiss mounted on combat dummies and adorned with a target. Masters of the Cheese Claw often use this apparatus to teach students combat techniques as well as help decrease their mental weakness to cheese. Be warned! Should a Master of the Cheese Claw see a hunter using a chunk of this as bait it will surely cause them to challenge the hunter to defend the honor of the school.


Formula: Unknown

Little is known about the origins of Rumble cheese. Many hunters suspect it is an invention of the Furoma forces designed to somehow destroy Gnawnia. This cheese appears to be incredibly unstable and radiate a mysterious power outwards from its center. The power of Rumble cheese intimidates all mice, scaring them away yet some hunters believe it is the key to attracting powerful, malicious mice. Should you choose to use this bait think long and hard if you are strategically prepared for the adversary it may summon.

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