Thursday, August 14, 2008

good reciprocal linking

Making or building a successful site is a long process however you can fully optimized your site if you will give it time and effort. Creating a passion in improving the structure of your site making it more accessible to your market that will bring you benefits as an owner of it.

The first thing to do is to equip your blog/site with good content and post that you think your readers and your market will surely like.

Enhance the template or the looks of your site. Make sure it will be attractive but don't put heavy colors on your site. This maybe tiresome for your readers and they will not stay long on your site.

Next thing is submit your site to good directories that will serve as an announcement of your site. Create an advertisement for your site by joining or submitting it to bookmarking sites and you must ad visibility by submitting related articles to random directories.
You must get at least 10 top ranked site link to your site/blog.

Be sure to have a good quality inbound sites.
Do not link to the sites which can hurt you reputaion.

This will pull you up visible enough to the major search engines on the net. How to get this link? That is the big question.

You can start by looking for related blogs/site of your site.
Having an irrelevant website will not greatly help standing with search engines.

Be sure that there site is a do-follow site for their links or else this doesn't give you any good.

Start gathering information for their emails and for the contact name of the site. After you have gathered plenty of sites that you think related and has a good reputation on the net start sending emails to the owners or to the webmaster. Be sure not to copy a generic mail to them. You must approach them as natural as possible or your effort will be disregarded and losing their approval may come at hand. Be sure to address them by their names as possible. This will be a sign of sincerity of your letter.

Be sure to manage your reciprocal link building campaign well organized. Keep a record of the campaign and regularly check your sites links.

You may get rejection but this is normal as a starter of this business. Good Luck.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

do follow learning

We always wanted traffic for our site, wanted some good links and juices for our site. But we must be aware of many factors that affect the quality of our site. The do-follow and the no-follow.
Sites with do-follow links for their neighbor's url and visitors comment loves links, they appreciate good comment with relevant content and not a spam at all. However this sites are sometimes abused by spammers giving unwanted comments irrelevant to the content of the site. One blogger said he made his site a do-follow site however "I do get a few comments that I will NOT approve because they are obvious comment spam. " he said. So you must consider on what are you doing for this people may get tired of deleting this junks. We must appreciate their effort as a part of our community in the net.

I have found some rules in do commenting do-follow sites

1. Read the post you are going to be commenting on! Site owner also read several of the current comments if there are some. It only takes a few minutes to read the comments and get a general feel on what people are thinking.
Then, post comments directly related to the blog post, related to the general tone of the comments, or related to a comment left by a specific person.
2.Be kind, even if you disagree with the blog owner's post, or some individual comments. As a blog owner if you blast me or some of my posters directly, I won't allow your comments. If you disagree with me, that's fine. Disagree, offer more information to support your disagreement, and do it respectfully.

3. I prefer at least a short paragraph of comments, that adds to the comment conversation. A simple "I agree" is not going to be approved by me.

4.Don't use your comments to list every website you own. After leaving some good comments, don't blatantly advertise your other websites. I'm already giving you an incoming link with your selected anchor text. If you add additional websites, I probably won't approve your comments.