Tuesday, July 29, 2008

a gadget?

Solar Power Charger

If you love the outdoors and your a techy person then this is the best gadget for you, the solar power charger. Drained cellphones, i-pods and other gadgets? Worry no more because this one deserves to be in your pocket.

canon ixus 60 digital camera

The perfect pair for your Solar Charger canon ixus digital camera.

The all metal, delicately designed 5 Mega Pixel Canon Ixus 50 Digital Camera gives you irresistible snaps as the camera itself! With the ground breaking technology from Canon used in this camera, it definitely is the high performance low weighted gadget for that ultra professional look of the snaps shot.

The following are the key features described

  • 5 mega pixels up to A3 size.

  • Optical zoom of 3 x giving wonderful clarity to pictures shot, with complete detail and an ultra slim body with UA lens

  • 2” night display and quick light featured LC screen

  • VGA movie clips, which allows recording and play back facilities, with sound. Also watching n slow motion is also possible.

  • High speed USB version 2.0. Also the processor used is the fast Canon DIGIC II that gives the camera the facility to burn.

  • There are 10 different types of shooting modes, with 6 scene modes, to suit the area. Also a 9 point Auto focus system is available to produce wonderful results in each shot.

  • Print and share button available and also is compatible to PictBridge. So if it is connected to any other PictBridge compatible photo printer, you can print the photos immediately!

  • Has the unique Canon iMAGE Gateway, which gives you 100MB space online for sharing your photo gallery with others.

  • It has my colour options for creating wonderful visual effects by making the colours more vivid, by swapping one with another. This facility is called the My Colours option.

All the above mentioned features give not only awesome performance to the camera but also give the words reliability and clarity a new definition! So the all new Canon Ixus 50 Digital Camera is just what you were looking for, for that excellent feel in photo taking!

Ergolife Chair

perfect for outdoor easy to carry and light weight. You can sit comfortable under the sun, on the grass or on the sand. An instant take-anywhere lightweight roll-up chair - picnics, concerts and sports events have never been so comfortable!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

traffic is good

Thanks to the beautiful minds of the SEO world, building traffic is much easier today. But be warned that there are many things that we must consider along the way.

Web traffic is the amount of data sent and received by visitors to a web site. It is a large portion of Internet traffic. This is determined by the number of visitors and the number of pages they visit. Sites monitor the incoming and outgoing traffic to see which parts or pages of their site are popular and if there are any apparent trends, such as one specific page being viewed mostly by people in a particular country . In this manner it is best to know who are the perfect persons whom you should consider as a big fish. The small businesses that are best able to make money from the Internet are those that have a niche market or unique product. If customers are highly motivated to find you, you've got a better chance of being found. Know your costumer that is the secret.

There are lot of things you can do to have good links and improve ones traffic. Improve your search engine ranking. Get links from good sites that is related to your market and products.Get links from related sites and sources.
Google is looking for good content because it adds editorial value to their own content. They're not impressed by people who try to fudge rankings artificially. That's why Google judges the value of the site that links out. So why invest on link farm the best thing you can do is put a good content on your site and update it regularly. Dont worry about how many people visit your site but with how long will they stay. Eventually this people will spread the word of the mouth a powerful tool to hit your niche. Start a blog and participate in other blogs. Post regulary on forums and create a social markings.
Always remember that your costumers are from real world have your site an appropriate content. People are searching the web for information. Your info must be fresh and relevant and useful. Add new info on a regular basis. Your image files must have appropriate keywords in their names because many people search through images. Effective keyword research is critical if you want to improve web site traffic try to know what is the most used and most specific words they use to search. You can get links back to your web site and actually create traffic to your web site by submitting articles to article directories. Reciprocal links are becoming less important in the optimization process and google see sites that interconnect one another just to create dumb links.
You can encourage visitors to keep coming back to your web site by publishing genuinely useful content. Lastly build your reputation (brand yourself) by making a good image on the net.

Road Safety Gadgets

Road safety first. This should be the priority of all the drivers to avoid accidents. I have found best gadgets to keep you safe in terms of road safety. First is drive alert master II. If you are feeling drowsy but needed to keep yourself on the road and just want to make it to your destination as soon as possible without causing a major accident. And you have tried all the un-effective strategies to keep you awake just like drinking 10 cups of coffee, blasting some punk music, or driking some old stuff like energy drink this is the best gadget for you.
The Drive Alert Master is a small, easy to use, device that will keep you and others safe during a long, drowsy drive. All you need to do is turn the device on, adjust the wake up angle switch, and place it behind your ear. Then when your head slumps forward as you begin to doze off behind the wheel, the Drive Alert Master produces a loud, powerful beeping noise that will snap you out of your snooze. It runs on low battery consumption, and its ergonomic design fits comfortably behind your ear. This gadget has been popular with truckers who spend long hours on the road and it could be useful for keeping many others safe on the highway as well.
Secondly the AlcoHAWK PRO Digital Breath Alcohol Detector, if your thinking of going to a party and want drink some beer or wine over BAC (blood alcohol contents) limits. You should be grabbing one of these stuff . The AlcoHAWK PRO Digital Breath Alcohol Detector is an advanced semiconductor sensor that – in less than 8 seconds – can tell you what your BAC level is. Blow into the unit for 5 seconds and wait a few more to receive a digital LED readout. The AlcoHAWK PRO can read up to a .40% BAC level, but hopefully you will never see such a high reading!

The unit runs on a 9V battery, meets thorough National Highway Traffic Safety Administration standards, and is small enough to fit in your pocket or purse. If you're out at the bar, make friends with fellow drinkers by letting them test their BAC level. If you plan on throwing a party with alcoholic beverages, make your guests pass a BAC test before being allowed to get their keys back. The AlcoHAWK PRO Digital Breath Alcohol Detector, at less than $150, is a device that every drinker should be using regularly. The moral consequences of driving under the influence should warrant purchasing this product immediately, but if that's not enough incentive, think about how much a DUI would cost with fines and court/attorney fees. This device will more than make up for itself in cost.

So why take a risk in driving you might not just save your life but start caring for others too.

some places to dine at Davao City

It summer time! Probably, the best time for you to unwind and relax in some other places. Maybe, spend your vacation together with your family, love ones, whoever. Philippines, indeed, is one of the premier spot for breathtaking sceneries, beautiful beaches, high class hotels and romantic getaways, particularly Davao City. Merely known for its great sport activities like scuba diving, hiking, and whole lot more. Thus, Davao City the most livable place in the Philippines offers you the best places in the country. On this article, I made my very own list where you can find the most sumptuous and yet cheaper places here in Davao to stay in.

Before your date you should think of the best place to go. Make sure that it will suit to your taste and budget as well as to your partner/s that you are going to take during your vacation trip. Davao will give you full trip enjoyment and will lead you to its beautiful places. Rest assured, your outing with your friends, family, and love ones would be fun and memorable. Also, don’t rush yourself to go in a vacation right away again you need to do a plan. Pack up your things the night before you leave so that you will not forget to bring those things that you will be needing like foods, cameras and other personal stuff.

Davao Gulf is a gulf found in Mindanao in the Philippines. Davao Gulf cuts into the island of Mindanao from Celebes Sea. It is surrounded by all four provinces in the Davao Region. The largest island in the gulf is Samal Island. Meaning we have the beaches the most interesting and beautiful beaches you can find in the country. One of the best resorts is Pearl Farm Beach Resort lies in a secluded cove on Samal Island off the coast of Davao City. Almost all of the beaches have the best tropical view cool water, warm sun and white beaches are here. If you want a place were you can have walks while watching some local wild animals Crocodile Farm is the best place for you. You can also eat crocodile dishes here! The Philippine sanctuary is an interesting place to go, be sure to visit it too.

People in Davao loves food and night life so it’s not hard to find the best spots here. The restaurants and the best eating places are everywhere in downtown and uptown area. If you like drinking while watching live bands Cynthias, Flyover Ihaw-Ihaw, The Venue, Matina Town Square and Rizal Promenade are some of the most exciting places to go. Barbecue places like Penongs, Banoks, Gardenia, Wow and Malitavas are just one of the few good places to eat grilled foods.

Lastly the hotels of Davao enjoy the sights and tastes of the beautiful and exotic Davao as you revel in the luxury of staying The Crown Regency Residences Davao, Marco Polo Davao, Waterfront Insular Davao, and The Royal Mandaya Hotel all of them have great accommodation mixed with the hospitality and the warm culture of the people of Davao.

There are many other beautiful places which you can find at the city of Davao. Beaches, parks, rivers and many more. Fun and excitement is just here waiting for you. What are you waiting for com’on and treat your whole family!