Friday, July 10, 2009

Anti-Virus - Advanced Protection - kaspersky

Kaspersky Anti-Virus is a cutting edge Internet security provider whose products help maintain user system standards while protecting against outside threats. Their Internet security software works for both business and home use to help users block malicious hackers and spam, as well as viruses, from their computer systems. Kaspersky Anti-Virus also provides supplemental technical support, as well as consulting services.

An international company, Kaspersky Lab has been providing information security software since 1997. Offices of the company are located throughout the world, in the United States as well as many nations in Europe and Asia. Moscow, Russia is home to their main offices. More than 500 partners worldwide participate in their business network.

Kaspersky Internet Security Lab recorded an average of over 200 attacks per day last year, bringing over 80,000 incidents to a standstill. Kaspersky Anti-Virus offers Triple Threat Protection in a determined effort to defend against Internet attacks, identity theft, and loss of important data.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus uses fewer system resources and provides better protection than many of the major brands. System-rollback and process analysis are two of the sophisticated features included in the latest edition of the product.

Independent tests in detecting spyware and viruses have proven Kaspersky Anti-Virus to be the best. Their Internet Security Lab has achieved worldwide recognition for being able to respond to a threat from the Internet after receiving as little as two hours notice. Kaspersky Anti-Virus guarantees its users the best protection possible by providing them with regular hourly updates.

Your computer can be damaged by severe virus threats before you are even aware that your system has been infected. Kaspersky Anti-Virus was created to verify any file that doesn't match their signature database, in a potentially dangerous secluded workspace. Using this method of protection allows you to make your computer secure and protect it from any potential threats.

Kaspersky Lab continuously monitors your computer system to screen for suspicious activity. In the case of a threat, the system will be restored to a previously safe condition after Kaspersky Anti-Virus has created an alarm message. Encrypted files are also accounted for, using ransomware.

Most importantly, Kaspersky Anti-Virus gives you the most comprehensive Internet security there is.

Friday, July 3, 2009

why have it but not in the pocket

“Render therefore unto Caesar are the things which are Caesar's and unto God the things that unto God's Mathew 22:20-21 “ this is the famous line Jesus said to its apostles when the a tax payer approached him to ask the question if they should pay taxes or not. A coin (silver Denarius) was presented to Jesus. The magnificent coin that became part of history the most precious ones are the silver and gold coins which represents the rich.

A gold coin is a coin made mostly of gold. Gold coins are very interesting for they can be very valuable collections allowing you to understand the past by their composition that offer a glimpse into history. Some gold and silver are rare but not impossible to have and become a part of your collections. These are just the few reasons why I start collecting coins. If you have one feel free to share some of your most valued one.