Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Road Safety Gadgets

Road safety first. This should be the priority of all the drivers to avoid accidents. I have found best gadgets to keep you safe in terms of road safety. First is drive alert master II. If you are feeling drowsy but needed to keep yourself on the road and just want to make it to your destination as soon as possible without causing a major accident. And you have tried all the un-effective strategies to keep you awake just like drinking 10 cups of coffee, blasting some punk music, or driking some old stuff like energy drink this is the best gadget for you.
The Drive Alert Master is a small, easy to use, device that will keep you and others safe during a long, drowsy drive. All you need to do is turn the device on, adjust the wake up angle switch, and place it behind your ear. Then when your head slumps forward as you begin to doze off behind the wheel, the Drive Alert Master produces a loud, powerful beeping noise that will snap you out of your snooze. It runs on low battery consumption, and its ergonomic design fits comfortably behind your ear. This gadget has been popular with truckers who spend long hours on the road and it could be useful for keeping many others safe on the highway as well.
Secondly the AlcoHAWK PRO Digital Breath Alcohol Detector, if your thinking of going to a party and want drink some beer or wine over BAC (blood alcohol contents) limits. You should be grabbing one of these stuff . The AlcoHAWK PRO Digital Breath Alcohol Detector is an advanced semiconductor sensor that – in less than 8 seconds – can tell you what your BAC level is. Blow into the unit for 5 seconds and wait a few more to receive a digital LED readout. The AlcoHAWK PRO can read up to a .40% BAC level, but hopefully you will never see such a high reading!

The unit runs on a 9V battery, meets thorough National Highway Traffic Safety Administration standards, and is small enough to fit in your pocket or purse. If you're out at the bar, make friends with fellow drinkers by letting them test their BAC level. If you plan on throwing a party with alcoholic beverages, make your guests pass a BAC test before being allowed to get their keys back. The AlcoHAWK PRO Digital Breath Alcohol Detector, at less than $150, is a device that every drinker should be using regularly. The moral consequences of driving under the influence should warrant purchasing this product immediately, but if that's not enough incentive, think about how much a DUI would cost with fines and court/attorney fees. This device will more than make up for itself in cost.

So why take a risk in driving you might not just save your life but start caring for others too.

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